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Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hell hath no fury like a woman…

So I was happily painting my entry to WAMP2011 when I figured it wasn’t going as planned and the clean up would have been really pushing the deadline for the competition so one week before it had to be ready I started anew piece.

This is Noctura Models Freya. I chose to paint her with quite a stern, purposeful look like she has just sought revenge from the person who has scorned her but it didn’t go all her own way, hence the nick on her thigh which added to her annoyance.

Front Left

Right Back
Click for a larger image.

This was a great model paint and the limited time helped me focus. I am no way claiming that this is my best work by far but for just one weeks work (Krigar took three months) I’m pretty proud of her.

I also used a lot of pigments on her cloak to weather it. These where artist pastels that I ground down with some sandpaper and applied with a bush.

CoolMini Votie link

As always critiques and comments are welcome Smile.

The plinth was provided by MDP and I sculpted the plaque.

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