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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Hello… Is there anybody there

I know it’s been ages since I have updated this blog but what with real life catching up with a bang, the illness of my mum and her subsequent passing, Portal getting evermore popular and other trivialities I haven’t managed to paint that much until recently. When I have had time I have made the most of it.
Here are the fruits of my labour.
First up is Gauntfield from Reaper painted for last years Wyrd Miniatures Halloween contest.
Next came Gore Rot, painted for the 2011 Miniature Heroes contest. The blank base was because this was a contest where everyone who entered had to paint the same miniature.
Next came the Grudge, also painted for the miniature heroes contest but this one had to be by Reaper miniatures.
I have also painted Kaarstaruk from Maelstrom Games’ BaneLords range. this was for a contest on WAMP.

And Finally, Last man standing.

There are two stories behind this piece....

The first is of grizzled old warrior, proud and strong, who entered the dungeon with his comrades to liberate the treasure of the evil denizens that live there. After days of battling through dank corridors and trapped rooms that has done for all of his brothers in arms, he can see the treasure chest at the foot of the stairs so one last fight will see him rich beyond his wildest dreams...


The second is of the miniature that spends most of it's days packed away in a gaming bag, brought out once a week to be pushed around a table, bashed with oddly shaped dice and splashed with soda and snacks. Teamed with other miniatures, one not even painted, in the fumbling attempt for it's owner to get to the treasure. Well its had enough, taken things into it's own hands, it's destiny is it's own and no way in hell is it going to share that treasure with those other miniatures, especially the unpainted one. So with a few swipes of it's axe... he's the Last Man Standing.

 I painted this for WAMPS 2012 Hasslefree Miniatures contest. Love this mini! Bigger pics here []

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